The Saskatchewan Aviation Historical Society Inc. is a non-profit, charitable organization founded and operated by volunteers to preserve Saskatchewan's strong Aviation past.  

Our 2017 lottery is underway!

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The Flightline newsletter is our monthly publication about with the latest from SAHS.

Aviation is made of adventure, dreams, excitement, and romance...


We have dubbed ourselves the caretakers of Saskatchewan aviation history. We are currently attempting to document and preserve photographs and stories of the aviation pioneers of our province.

The SAHS is happy to announce that we have produced a 45 Minute documentary on the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan (BCATP) in Saskatchewan. 

It explains what Saskatchewan contributed to the war effort of WW2 and what Saskatchewan received in return.

It is produced in commemoration of the 75th Anniversairy of the BCATP and funded by Canadian Heritage.

We work with the Saskatchewan Aviation Council (SAC) in remembering the pioneers through the Saskatchewan Aviation Hall of Fame, the David Eckmire Industry Service Award and the Distingushed Airmans Award. We also work with The Canadian Aeronautical Preservation Association (CAPA) and belong to the Museums Association of Saskatchewan (MAS).

The society's team restores and conserves aircraft and machines that act as technological records of the past and they help to keep once commonplace skills and manufacturing techniques from vanishing. The airworthy aircraft in our collection are the result of versatility, teamwork and a philosophy of "museum-quality restoration and conservation - no compromise."

Saskatchewan aviation Museum and Learning Centre

We are an upstart museum which will be featuring aircraft and artifacts which were associated with the province of Saskatchewan's rich Aviation history. Please view the video below!

We are proud that our collection has been compiled from individuals, families, and companies that believe in preserving aviation history in the Province of Saskatchewan for all to view and study.

They extend their belief in this by placing their collections and display material into our hands for display and preservation.

(full gallery coming soon)